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Super Stone

Naniwa Super Stone has a reputation for being an extremely comfortable quality stone. It is twice as thick as the stone of the same composition marketed as Specialty Stone. The thickness dramatically extends the life of the stone, as there is no fear of breakage. 

 The Super Stone range differs from the Professional range in that it is slightly softer. This softness is directly reflected in the comfort of use, which is second to none in Super Stone. Despite the softness, the stones will last for many years in regular domestic use, and in practice, I have yet to come across any stones that are worn out.

The finer stones of the Super Stone series, i.e.,>5000 grit, are the absolute top of the range. They can produce a near-perfect mirror finish on a blade. So it is well suited for knife polishing - and in my experience, it is one of the best stones on the market.

The Super Stone series whetstones work well with Japanese and Western knife steel grades.

Super Stone is a "Splash and Go" style stone, meaning you only need a little water on the surface before you start sharpening.