Sharpening service for knives, Espoo Juvanmalmi

If the tip of your knife is broken or pieces of the cutting edge are missing, you can turn to me. I've repaired hundreds of knives. Every knife gets the quality service it deserves. As a basic rule, the work is done by hand with the best whetstones in the business. Occasionally, a Naniwa horizontal grinder has to be started. I check the result with a gauge, so it's not just a matter of guesswork.

This video tells the story of a repaired knife.

Contact form tai soita 041-4573525/Sami 

  • Sharpening of basic kitchen knives 15 euros each
  • Blade repairs (chipping, broken tips), depending on the case, 15-25 euros per knife
  • Sharpening of Puukko knives from 20 euros  
  • Sharpening clipper and trimmer blades, 15 euros
  • Sharpening straight razors, 20 euros

We also sharpen axes, chisels, etc., and have sharpened blades for large kitchen cutters. Unfortunately, due to my work's nature, I can rarely sharpen while waiting, so if you deliver your knives to me today, they are usually available for collection tomorrow.