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ATOMA Diamond

Atoma is a high-quality monocrystalline diamond sharpening plate from Japan, manufactured by Tsuboma. These plates, or as I refer to them, stones, are nearly the same size (75mm x 210mm) as a typical whetstone. The size and quality contribute to the long lifespan of these stones.

One important consideration is that it is strongly recommended to use water; never use the diamond stone dry. Additionally, it's crucial not to apply too much pressure while sharpening. Keeping this in mind will ensure the longevity of your sharpening tools.

What sets Atoma apart from other diamond plate manufacturers is the production technique. Diamonds are arranged on the surface of the plate in straight rows and columns. Examine the microscope picture corresponding to each grit. This arrangement method means there won't be large holes or areas where small items might get stuck during sharpening. With Atoma, you can also use the edges of the plate more securely compared to most other competitors.

We currently stock four grit levels. Grits 140 and 400 are excellent lapping stones and suitable for rough sharpening. Grit 600 serves as a medium-fine stone, while grit 1200, on the other hand, is an outstanding fine stone, comparable to a typical 1000 grit stone.

The Atoma diamond plate is affixed to the surface of the aluminum plate. You can also purchase a replacement sheet separately, allowing you to create a stone with 400 on one side and 140 on the other.