Ken-syou whetstones are also known as Kensho. Both nicknames are equally correct translations of the original Japanese name. The box says KEN-SYOU, so that's what I use.

Top sharpener Masashi Fujiwara created Ken-syou whetstones. Made entirely by an artisan, these one-off pieces have made their way around the world in small batches and are beginning to gain a reputation for producing an insanely good shine. This series of whetstones is a low-temperature fired resinoid stone containing high-quality Japanese abrasives. The stones are comparable to Morihei stones in terms of character and manufacturing process.

The Ken-syou stones #3000 - #10K are surface hard so-called Splash-and-Go stones, i.e., they require little water for use. The #400 stone requires water for about a minute, and the #1000 grindstone is semi-soaker, and 5 minutes in a water basin seemed to do the job.