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Chocera Pro

The Naniwa Professional series has changed its name to Naniwa Chocera Pro.  The stone is exactly the same as the previous Professional series, only the name and packaging has changed.

With hardness comes longevity, making the Professional range ideal for professional use and for people who don't have too much time to spend sharpening their tools. Naniwa's Professional series stones also do not absorb much water compared to traditional water stones. This means that the stone is ready to use straight out of the box once you have lightly watered it. We have now introduced a wide range of stones in this series, from 400 grit to 5000 grit. This range also includes what many consider one of the best stones of all time, the Professional 3000. If you are looking for just two stones, the 800 & 3000 stones in this series will give you the best combo in the industry. 

Naniwa's Professional series stones may be the only stones you need to purchase. The stones are shipped from the factory in sealed packaging and handled with care and caution throughout the supply chain. We aim to get the stone to you in its condition when it leaves the factory.