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Really fast, hard, large, and also heavy stone. Immerse the stone for at least 15-20 minutes, i.e., practically until the bubbles stop rising. 

“This is one of the best 400 stones” - WZ 400 feels different compared to my own favorite Naniwa Pro 400, but WZ is faster and might be the fastest 400 I have seen. If soaking is not a problem for you, I would recommend this for knife repairs, etc. 

Grit: #400
Long: measured 205 mm (listed as 205mm)
Wide: measured 76 mm (listed as 75mm)
Thick: measured 36 mm (listed as 35mm)
Weight: 1158 g

1,158 kg
(with sales package 1,35 kg)

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Anonymous verified buyer, 29.4.2023
Overall rating
This is a little diva! She requires a long, long soak before she's ready to work - don't worry she'll tell you... In fact, I've never seen a stone bubble as madly as the WZ 400. However, after she's finished with the beauty program (45 rather than 30 minutes), she'll perform. And this performance will blow your mind! - See, I do have a Naniwa 400 and I love this stone: It is ultra-reliable, cuts fast, has a very nice feedback, and doesn't really dish. I still recommend this stone because it is so conveniniet - s&g, put it on on the sink bridge and off you go... But it compares to the WZ like slow fox to jungle. The WZ is way faster, more aggressive, while giving you exceptional control at the same time. It is not a finishing stone, but it produces a surprisingly good edge for a 400. The price is pretty much unbeatable, and with the wonderful Arashiyama 1000 and 6000 you can have a class-A, all Imanishi setup for very little money (compared to, say, Naniwa) that will get you very, very far. - Highly recommended!
Marc K. verified buyer, 10.2.2023
Overall rating
I like that stone, I can barely compare with other stones, it cuts fast but also needs a bit water more than expected.
Zsolt C. verified buyer, 7.1.2023
Overall rating
I just tried this stone on a dull petty knife. It's very good. Not super rough but it does the job very nicely. It has a very good feeling on every movement you do. After this I used the 1000 grit (not too much though) and 4000 grit for polish and job done. Recommended.
Milan G. verified buyer, 13.4.2022
Overall rating
Little experience yet, good feeling. It is coarser than a naniwa pro 400 grit so can be interesting for little heavier work.
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I keep coming across comments where people tell me about problems with knife sharpening. For example, getting a particular knife sharp can be difficult or even impossible. The problem is often caused by completely wrongly chosen whetstones.