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SUEHIRO Flattening Stone #280

SUEHIRO Flattening Stone #280

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The Suehiro flattening stone is slightly larger than the previous standard flattening stone in the shop. The length adds both power and ease of use to the smoothing process. This stone is #280 grit, which differs very little from that #220 Naniwa.

Whetstones wear unevenly on the surface when used, as the sharpening movements mostly eat away at the central part of the whetstone. The best way to notice the curvature of the surface is to draw a grid on the stone's surface with a pencil (vertical/horizontal lines), then grind the surface with the flattening stone until the entire grid has disappeared from view. Harder stones, such as the Shapton Glass series, will remain in good condition without flattening for much longer than other stones; but even these require regular flattening. Again, the use of a flattening stone ensures the best results.

Grit: #280
Long: 204 mm
Wide: 53 mm
Thick: 27 mm

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Anonymous verified buyer, 10.5.2023
Overall rating
Limpa rapidamente as pedras.
Anonymous verified buyer, 15.11.2022
Overall rating
It does its job, I recommend it.
Karli L. verified buyer, 15.11.2022
Overall rating
Does its job as described and expected
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