Hiomakivi Pack 1000/3000

Hiomakivi Pack 1000/3000

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Double-sided whetstone has been a popular and sought-after product. Now I finally got the big 1000/3000 for sale. As an exception to the previous "Hiomakivi Packs," I left the stone stand on this one. The stone comes with a surprisingly good non-slip pad. The stone is also thick (30mm), so I still think there is enough room for fingers to move.

This stone replaces the Naniwa MultiStone that was on sale for a long time. I went for a bigger and slightly harder stone. The stone is even wider than the standard stone (78mm). The length is 199mm. An extra 1cm of length brings significantly more efficiency in the whetstone world.

This double-sided stone is supplied with the tried and tested leveling stone known from the Hiomakivi Pack V3. At the request of a few customers, we also decided to add an angle guide to this set.

The stone is semi-soaker. I found that 5 minutes of watering was sufficient. I also kept the stone in the pool for two days but did not notice any effect on the surface/performance of the stone. The stone is surface hard and does not form a slurry. 

Grit: #1000/3000
Long: 199 mm
Wide: 78 mm
Thick: 30 mm
Weight: 886 g

Flattening Stone
Grit: #180
Long: 170 mm
Wide: 55 mm
Thick: 28 mm
Weight: 430 g


This whetstone is a so-called semi-soaking stone. It works best after 5-10 minutes of soaking. Do not store the stone in a basin of water. After sharpening, immediately wipe the stone clean with a towel. This will give the stone a clean look and start the drying process. Place the stone to dry in a position where it does not touch a solid surface. For example, place the stone on top of a pencil. Allow the stone to dry slowly, without additional heating. Do not place the stone in direct sunlight. Do not allow the stone to freeze when wet. It takes more than 24 hours to dry. Store the stone protected from dents, for example, in its box.

1,4 kg
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Oskar N. verified buyer, 7.2.2023
Overall rating
My first ever whetstone and first time trying to sharpen a knife. I have now sharpened around 15 knives and they all cut easily through both paper and tomatoes. I was pleasantly surprised by the result, me being a beginner and the stone is very affordable. I am very satisfied with this stone but yes, it does take some time using the 1000 side if the knife is really dull. This doesn't bother me though since I will not let my knives become this dull in the future. I haven't tried any other stones but for me as a beginner this is perfect. Easy to use and you don't have to have a lot of different stone and stuff laying around if you don't want to. I didn't know that you should check the edges of the flattening stone and round them of first which caused some grooves on the whetstone. However after rounding the edges of the flattening stone with a metal file and using it again the grooves disappeared completely. Now I know that sharpening is really fun and I will get a 6000 stone to finish with and a strop. All in all, a great and affordable starter pack.
Jethro M. verified buyer, 16.1.2023
Overall rating
Hyvä kivi, olen tyytyväinen sen kanssa
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