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Shapton whetstones

Shapton, a renowned Japanese whetstone manufacturer, produces some of the most durable and high-performance whetstones available in the market. Our selection includes two exceptional classic series from Shapton: Glass and Kuromaku. We also have the new RockStar. Positioned at the pinnacle of the whetstone world in terms of quality, Shapton's commitment to excellence is evident in every product they create.

The Glass, Kuromaku, and RockStar series represent Shapton's craftsmanship. These stones are classified as "Splash and Go," a distinctive feature that simplifies the sharpening process. You might also try to soak these for 5 minutes but do not leave them underwater for a longer period. Users can swiftly initiate the sharpening process with just a tiny amount of water on the surface. In my extensive tests, both sets of stones have consistently demonstrated exceptional quality and user-friendly characteristics, making them ideal choices for novice and experienced users.