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WÄSTIKIVI Professional Plus

WÄSTIKIVI Professional Plus‪

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A special model of the Wästikivi stone with the so-called standard dimensions. The size allows more efficient working.

This version contains natural Nagura, a small piece of Wästikivi phyllite. You can significantly improve the sharpening process by opening the surface with this auxiliary stone. This small stone also served as a handy little sharpening stone.  

Natural stones are never perfect, and as individuals will contain slanted corners and small boulders around the edges, but the surface is always flat.

Grit: 1000
Long: 210 mm (measured lengths varied from 208 to 222 mm)
Wide: 70 mm (measured width varied from 69 to 73 mm )
Thick: 20- 23mm
Weight:  about 1100 g

Nagura, the small additional stone is about about 60 mm x 70-80mm x 20 mm.

1 kg
(with sales package 1,2 kg)

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Liam C. verified buyer, 28.12.2022
Overall rating
Transportation time was quite reasonable. I have partially lapped it with 220 grit SiC sandpaper, and the darker colored smoothed areas abraded several knives quite well. The scratch pattern looks a little finer than a King (Japanese) brand 1200 grit, so it is a good intermediate grit between the 1200 and 6000 grit King stones. It left a completely functional cutting edge for kitchen knives, but I’m also interested in finer finishes for woodwork. I like the stone.
Anonymous verified buyer, 3.11.2022
Overall rating
The Wästikivi natural sharpening stone with the small auxiliary stone is relatively easy to use and convincing in the result. However, my experience in sharpening knives is still insufficient.
Anonymous verified buyer, 23.3.2022
Overall rating
Very nice and good working natural stone! And not expensive at all! It is my new 1K starting stone, followed up by a Coticule Blue(4K) and a Rozsutec (8K). A great combo together!
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