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Naniwa Stone Holder

Naniwa Stone Holder

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The best way to sharpen a knife is with a stand, which lifts the whetstone off the table surface while giving your fingers a little more room. Rubber feet hold the stone in place. With Splash and Go stones, you don't need to use much water, so sharpening is accessible on the table/countertop. 

This high-quality stand is Naniwa's design, made in China. The rubber feet don't smell, and the rods have remained rust-free on mine for several years now, so I confidently recommend them. In addition, this stand is taller and slightly wider than many similar ones. So frankly, I have yet to find another better product. So it is a quality product. 

Almost all stones from the store fit in this stand—also, Shapton Glass Stone. The only stones that don't fit perfectly are the HAIDU HCR and HCA series.  You can still use extra long stones in this stand, as one end of the stone can lay on top of the bumper. 

The product does not include the stone shown in the picture.

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Anonymous 15.11.2022
Overall rating
Firm, reliable, and very easy to clean. Trust Hiomakivi's recommendations, they are very honest.
Karli L. 15.11.2022
Overall rating
Quite stable, easy to use, and really needed piece of sharpening equipment. Mine is so ever slightly out of square but doesn't affect sharpening at all.
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