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MORIHEI Whetstones

Morihei is a Tokyo-based, long-established whetstone company also offering knives and natural stones. 

The Morihei Hishiboshi range, known more commonly as MORIHEI Hi, is very close in feel to the natural stone, JNAT. The stones are partly made of natural stone powder and combine a smooth, sharpening feel with an infinitely better response.  

In size, the Morihei whetstones, as standard size stones, are in the same category as the Naniwa and Shapton stones but with a slightly greater thickness (25 mm).

Morihei Hi whetstones do not require soaking. Just pour a little water on the surface and add more if necessary. The material that comes off the stone contains abrasive particles, so the stone should not be wiped clean during sharpening.

For best results, after adding water, rub the stone's surface with either a coarser stone or a flattening stone. This will allow you to start to sharpen efficiently from the start. You can also use Morihei's own Nagura stones for this purpose. 

After use, wash the stone and wipe it dry. Place the stone to dry in an open area out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source.
The best of Morihei Hi grinding stones:
  • Morihei is by far the best with a carbon steel knife
  • The sharpening feel is excellent
  • The stones are long-lasting

 My experience with the Morihei series has increased since I started using them a few years ago. I must admit that the Morihei is in contention for the title of best stones. Although I seem to get my hands on just 4000 stones regularly, I have achieved the best results with this one. Based on feedback, these grinding stones meet the requirements of most true enthusiasts.ue.