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MORIHEI "Karasu" 9000

Morihei Karasu 9000

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Here is the most sought-after stone from Morihei's production.  Morihei Karasu 9000 has a legendary reputation, probably created by accident, as the product was initially not sold outside Japan, and availability was poor. Many have said this is the best honing stone for a straight razor.

Grit: #9000
Long: 210 mm
Wide: 75 mm
Thick: 25 mm


"Splash-and-Go" stones do not tolerate prolonged storage in water. Use water only as much as the stone requires. Do not submerge the stones in a water basin. After sharpening, immediately wipe the stone clean with a towel. This keeps the stone looking tidy and initiates the drying process. Place the stone where it does not touch a solid surface. Let the stone dry horizontally, for example, by placing it over a pen. Allow the stone to dry slowly and peacefully without additional heating. Do not expose the stone directly to sunlight, and do not let the stone freeze while damp. The drying process takes more than a day. Store the stone protected from impacts, for example, in its box without the possible original foam padding. Please do not put the stone in a plastic bag while still damp.

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Anonymous verified buyer, 3.2.2024
Overall a good experience. It is a very good stone. However, I have to share my experience. try it with: VG 10, Shirogami 2, SG 2, ZDP189. Very fast and very responsive with VG10, Shirogami 2 and ZDP189. My "lowest grade ZDP189 knife has 65 HRC, the highest is 67".As for SG 2 (62-63 HRC) is a different story. Takes longer for a mirror finish in comparison with the steel above. For SG2,I found that Naniwa Pro 5000 is much quicker.
Christian S. verified buyer, 16.5.2022
Overall rating
Very nice polishing stone!
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