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Morihei 4000

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Grit: #4000
Long: 210 mm
Wide: 75 mm
Thick: 25 mm


"Splash-and-Go" stones do not like long-term storage in water. Use only as much water as the stone requires. Do not immerse stones in a pool of water. After sharpening, wipe the stone immediately with a towel. This will make the stone look clean and get the drying process started. Place the stone to dry in such a position that it does not touch a solid surface. Put the stone lying on top of a pen, for example. Allow the stone to dry slowly and quietly, without separate additional heating. Do not place the stone in direct sunlight. And do not allow the stone to freeze when wet. It takes more than a day to dry. Store the stone protected from knocks, e.g., in its box, without any original foam padding. When wet, do not put the whetstone in a plastic bag.

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Anonymous verified buyer, 29.4.2023
Overall rating
This is an exceptional stone - love at first feel! Being a true splash and go with excellent feedback, smooth and soft, Morihei's Fire 4000 is a stone that makes you find excuses for using it more often. It gives you a superb finish which is even more satisfying as it is not flashy at all. Of course, it works very well as a stepping stone to the higher realms of honing, but, frankly, for most kitchen knife uses this is all the finish you need. - This stone loves its traditional and honest steels, such as white and blue paper, and I'm not sure if I would want to use it on HSS as I believe it would be relatively slow. However, speed and efficiency are not exactly what you're looking for when using a stone like this. - Use with Nagura. I have some natural ones at home which make, as I believe, the stone shine, but - side note to Sami - I would very much like to try out the Nagura Morihei has intended for it. All in all a sensational achievement. Kudos to Morihei!
Michael S. verified buyer, 29.3.2023
Overall rating
Lovely s&g stone. It just feels different. And great. I guess it's not the fastest one out there but fast enough. It's hard enough to not be cut by the knife if you're technique is not up there yet. The resulting edge is perfect for kitchen knives. Crispy sharp with enough bite.
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