Rubber Cutting Boards

The cutting board is the second most important tool in the kitchen, right after the knife. A good-quality rubber chopping board is more comfortable for cutting ingredients, and knives stay sharper for longer.

If your knife gets dull, ingredients don't stay in place when you cut them, or there are many scratches on the board, it's not necessarily the cook's fault, but the cutting board.

The better the quality of your cutting board, the better it will stand up to be shared with quality knives. A good professional rubber cutting board will also save the chef's nerves and the time spent chopping ingredients. The right cutting board is hygienic to use and easy to clean.

Asahi and Hasegawa's rubber cutting boards have been selected for their premium qualities. The softer rubber boards are made with knife usability in mind, while the harder boards are easier to clean and last for decades.