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The Japanese Parker Asahi cutting boards are made of synthetic rubber suitable for home kitchens and professional use. By getting an Asahi, you're likely to have a cutting board for life.

Parker Asahi cutting boards were introduced back in 1965, and the development of a better cutting board has been going on ever since. However, Asahi cutting boards are of such high quality that some restaurants use over 40 years old boards! So this is the actual Professional Cutting board.

In addition to rubber, Asahi cutting boards use wood powder, making them stronger than boards made of rubber alone. Despite this, the boards cannot be classified as hard and are suitable for quality knives. The cutting feel is closer to a wood board than a plastic board. In addition, the surface is not slippery.

Another essential feature is the cleanability of the Parker Asahi cutting board. Compared with other rubber boards, Asahi is straightforward to clean, and, if necessary, its surface can be practically renewed by sanding it with sandpaper. It also dries quickly, which makes it more hygienic.

Its cleanability makes Asahi ideal for cutting and handling meat.