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The Japanese company HASEWAGA makes rubber cutting boards with the knife in mind. The trendy HASEWAGA cutting boards are suitable for home kitchens and professionals.

HASEWAGA makes the most popular rubber cutting boards globally. HASEWAGA cutting boards are soft and have an excellent, pleasant cutting feel. In addition, the soft surface material allows HASEWAGA to keep your knife sharp for longer.

The surface of the HASEWAGA cutting board has a non-slip pattern, the grid pattern, which also makes it easy to handle slippery raw materials such as fish. HASEWAGA is at its best as a cutting board for fish and vegetables. It is worth remembering that a sharp knife can leave scratches on a soft surface. Cleaning can be a chore, especially when working with meat. In addition, smaller chopping boards are very light, which is why you should use a wet towel, for example, underneath them to prevent slipping when cutting. 

The lightness of the cutting board is also due to the wood core inside, which allows the board to stay straighter. In addition, the wooden core reduces deflection, and the board can be washed in the washing machine. The board's surface has a 5 mm thick rubber layer and plastic protection on the edges.

Watch the Hasegawa video below for a demonstration of the product's features.

HASEGAWA’s Soft Cutting Board (1’ 40”)