Hiomakivi Pack V3

Hiomakivi Pack V3

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For a long time, I have been looking for a balance between quality and price when building a whetstone pack for beginners and home users. It is not exactly an easy job. Efficiency, convenience, and durability often come at a price in whetstones. We have created a package that does not show the softness that often plagues cheap stones and does away with the discomfort of over-hardness.

This is the second version of this Pack, and it has taken care of one of the significant shortcomings of the first version, namely the increased size of the stones. The package comes with an amazingly powerful 800 grit stone, from which you can jump to the 3000 stone that comes in the Pack. The comfort of use of the finishing stone in its price range is top-notch. You can also sharpen hard carbon steels with these stones, so the stones in this package are more versatile than, for example, the MultiStone stones.

These whetstones can be classified as semi-soaking stones, meaning they require only a little water to work.

For the maintenance of the stones, a flattening stone is included. In addition to these, a good quality Naniwa stone holder and an angle guide are provided for ease of use.

There is also the so-called three-stone extended kit Hiomakivi Pack - Iso V3

Grit: #800
Long: 209 mm 
Wide: 65 mm
Thick: 34 mm
Weight: 886 g

Grit: #3000 
Long: 209 mm 
Wide: 65 mm
Thick: 34 mm
Weight: 768 g

Grit: #180
Long: 170 mm
Wide: 55 mm
Thick: 28 mm
Weight: 430 g


This whetstone is a so-called semi-soaking tone. It works best after 5-10min of soaking. Do not store the stone in a basin of water. After sharpening, immediately wipe the stone clean with a towel. This will give the stone a clean look and start the drying process. Place the stone to dry in a position where it does not touch a solid surface. Place the stone on top of a pencil, for example. Allow the stone to dry slowly and quietly, without additional heating. Do not place the stone in direct sunlight. Do not allow the stone to freezing when wet. It takes more than 24 hours to dry. Store the stone protected from dents, e.g., in its box.

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