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IMANISHI Arashiyama #6000

IMANISHI Arashiyama #6000‪

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"When you search for the Best 6000 stones in terms of price-quality ratio, you can find it here."

A fast and hard whetstone with very pleasant feedback.

Imanishi Arashiyama is a Splash-and-Go style stone, so use water only as much as it needs. In this video, I try to find out the answer; Can it also be used as a soaking stone.

Grit: #6000
Long: measured 213mm (listed as 205mm)
Wide: measured 73 mm (listed as 73mm)
Thick: measured 24 mm (listed as 23mm)
Weight: 694 g


"Splash-and-Go" stones do not tolerate prolonged storage in water. Use water only as much as the stone requires. Do not submerge the stones in a water basin. After sharpening, immediately wipe the stone clean with a towel. This keeps the stone looking tidy and initiates the drying process. Place the stone where it does not touch a solid surface. Let the stone dry horizontally, for example, by placing it over a pen. Allow the stone to dry slowly and peacefully without additional heating. Do not expose the stone directly to sunlight, and do not let the stone freeze while damp. The drying process takes more than a day. Store the stone protected from impacts, for example, in its box without the possible original foam padding. Please do not put the stone in a plastic bag while still damp.

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Anonymous verified buyer, 11.12.2023
Overall rating
My experience is based on sharpening wood-working hand-tools. I chose this stone specially for it's good price/value ratio. I am happy with it - it does what i expected. Maybe bit coarser than other 6000 stones, but still, when sharpening timber framing tools this is the finest stone i use. For fine joinery or smoothing planes i polish after wards with natural stones from Wästikivi. I have been impressed, how fast it is. After the first stroke, there are these black marks on the stone. One thing bit disturbing is, that it might bit 'stick' or 'suck' while using with large surfaces (back side of handplanes or large chisels or slicks). It then might start to 'jump' or 'flatter'. Many fine stones show this. With little slurry on it, bit more water and less pressure this problem decreases and i come well along. If you want to see it in action, sharpening a large timber frame chisel, you can use following link: I like the good descriptions on and the fair prices. And if there still is a question left, there are helpful answers coming back from the shop owner. How good, that there still are these little shops with real people working, who obviously like what they are doing - Kiitos :-)
FABIAN-ALIN M. verified buyer, 15.6.2023
Overall rating
Good stone, cuts any steel, good polish, but tactile feedback is lacking. It is too mute for my taste, feels somewhat like rubbing a steel on a plastic surface.

Daniel S. verified buyer, 10.5.2023
Overall rating
Fast, creamy stone with a good feedback. Cuts nice and leaves a clean polished edge. Use it for sharpening, not polishing. When you get to work on this stone, it’s easy to understand why it’s so praised.
Anonymous verified buyer, 9.4.2023
Overall rating
Great medium-hard stone with excellent, buttery feel, particularly when used with nagura/ slurry. Bought it as a stepping stone to the Kitayama 8000 for bevel polishing - great results if you go for a kasumi finish, i.e. don't expect a mirror. Good edge for knives you don't want to take to a higher grit (like your all-purpose bunka or santoku) where the main aim is a little toothiness and edge retention rather than ultimate sharpness. Tested with white paper # 1 & 2 as well as blue paper # 2. Soaked for about 15 mins prior to first use, afterwards splash&go. No load-up issues as far as I can see. - The Arashiyama 6000 fulfils all my expectations and is very pleasurable to work on. Apart from all of that it is probably the cheapest 6000 stone on the market - very good value for money!
Filip t. verified buyer, 17.3.2023
Overall rating
Prima polijst steen. Al vind ik hem behoorlijk zacht qua materiaal en daardoor niet vergevingsgezind als je het mes niet correct houdt. Maar eens je de techniek beter onder de knie hebt is het resultaat een vlijmscherp mes.
Anonymous verified buyer, 7.2.2023
Overall rating
Best 6k, buy it, love it.
Philippe H. verified buyer, 31.1.2023
Overall rating
I started sharpening for about a year now, Japanese chisels and plane blades with the Shapton professional. These are technically great stones, but I also find them difficult for a beginner when sharpening tools freehand (lack of skill surely, and the feeling…). I have no direct comparison, it is my first #6000, I use it as splash & go and I was really surprised how pleasant it can be to sharpen with it. Really great stone, it will make a good job for a long time. Thanks!
Anonymous verified buyer, 15.11.2022
Overall rating
As a beginner I can say that it is a wonderful stone, I am very happy that I accepted the seller's suggestion and bought this stone.
Bostjan K. verified buyer, 17.8.2022
Overall rating
Well, as the name suggests, Arashiyama is sort of mythical stone. This stone is best on its performance and feedback from all 6000 grit stones that I tryed. For me this is a true magic. In my stone collection takes a special place.
Nickname Peter 31.1.2023
The best 6k - no ifs and buts.
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