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SUEHIRO Ouka 3000

SUEHIRO Ouka 3000‪

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This #3000 grit whetstone has worked well in my tests. I have noticed that the Ouka has fallen a little behind its more famous big brother Rika 5000.  However, I haven't come up with a negative about this stone yet—an brilliant, pleasant stone to use. 

Ouka works in the same way as Rika, which means you can adjust the amount of water you use to adjust the style of the stone. It needs at least a 20-minute soak to work well, but I have used even a short soak and additional water as needed.

Grit: #3000
Long: 206 mm
Wide: 73 mm
Thick: 23 mm

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FABIAN-ALIN M. verified buyer, 25.5.2023
Overall rating
My favourite 3000 stone! Fast, agresive, amazing tactile, audio, visual feedback, great price, great value. Even if it's a soaking stone i dont mind, i preffer it vs other makers. Also great for Kasumi finish. Cuts fast any steel!
Daniel S. verified buyer, 10.5.2023
Overall rating
Nice soaking stone. Cuts medium fast. It does load up a bit quick, so keep it clean and you will be very happy
Michael S. verified buyer, 28.6.2022
Overall rating
Great stone. It's a soaking one so you'll have to be a little bit more patient than with the more expensive splash&goes. You'll be rewarded with a great feel on the stone and great feedback. And it cuts faaaast. On the downside it's a soft stone which will need a bit more maintenance than harder ones.
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