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IMANISHI Arashiyama #1000

IMANISHI Arashiyama #1000‪

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A very pleasant feeling stone. It performed well with harder carbon steel in my first test.  I've always been very skeptical about 1000 grit to 6000 grit jumps, but this is what I successfully got to do in my test. So you can jump to the Arashiyama 6000 stone directly from this stone.

Grit: #1000
Long:  listed as 205mm, measured 215mm
Wide:  listed as 75mm, measured 74mm
Thick:  listed as 26mm, measure 25mm


"Splash-and-Go" stones do not tolerate prolonged storage in water. Use water only as much as the stone requires. Do not submerge the stones in a water basin. After sharpening, immediately wipe the stone clean with a towel. This keeps the stone looking tidy and initiates the drying process. Place the stone where it does not touch a solid surface. Let the stone dry horizontally, for example, by placing it over a pen. Allow the stone to dry slowly and peacefully without additional heating. Do not expose the stone directly to sunlight, and do not let the stone freeze while damp. The drying process takes more than a day. Store the stone protected from impacts, for example, in its box without the possible original foam padding. Please do not put the stone in a plastic bag while still damp.

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FABIAN-ALIN M. verified buyer, 15.6.2023
Overall rating
Harder stone than softer ones like King or Suehiro,almost splash&go but needs 2-3min os soaking, grinds steel verry well, good tactile feedback, and the cutting edge after sharpening is verry impressive

Anonymous verified buyer, 29.4.2023
Overall rating
The Arashiyama 1000 is a great, medium-hard stone with good feedback that works well even on HSS (I've tested it on HAP 40 with very good results). It is almost s&g, but I'd recommend soaking it for about one or two minutes. Like the Arshiyama 6000 and the Kitayama 8000 it is obviously meant to work with some slurry which you can easily generate by giving it a good rub with a flattening stone. Without the slurry it feels a little rigid. As to sharpness, this stone is excellent, and I would highly recommend it for any user looking for a one-stop-shop for kitchen knives.
Filip t. verified buyer, 17.3.2023
Overall rating
Fantastische steen. Snel, een paar keer heen en weer is vaak al genoeg. Eigenlijk is dit de enige steen die je nodig hebt om je messen naar een nieuw soort scherp te brengen. Zeer goede verhouding prijs/kwaliteit.
Philippe H. verified buyer, 31.1.2023
Overall rating
I tested the stone for now with high carbon steel (chisel, plane blade). I use it as splash and go, and compared to the Arashiyama #6000 this one absorb a bit more water. The first impression I have is that the stone is fast, efficient and really pleasant to use. Thanks!
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