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SUEHIRO Debado LD-21 #180

SUEHIRO Debado LD-21 #180‪

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Is this the best coarse whetstone in the world? This was my first thought when I repaired the customer's Global G-2 knife and used the stone first time.  One of the benefits is that this stone is hard and will last much longer than many other coarse stones.

Grit: #180
Long: 206 mm
Wide: 73 mm
Thick: 29 mm


"Splash-and-Go" stones do not tolerate prolonged storage in water. Use water only as much as the stone requires. Do not submerge the stones in a water basin. After sharpening, immediately wipe the stone clean with a towel. This keeps the stone looking tidy and initiates the drying process. Place the stone where it does not touch a solid surface. Let the stone dry horizontally, for example, by placing it over a pen. Allow the stone to dry slowly and peacefully without additional heating. Do not expose the stone directly to sunlight, and do not let the stone freeze while damp. The drying process takes more than a day. Store the stone protected from impacts, for example, in its box without the possible original foam padding. Please do not put the stone in a plastic bag while still damp.

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Bernard W. verified buyer, 10.8.2023
Overall rating
Finding an efficient coarse stone is far from easy: some make more scratches than abrading steel. Not this one! I would suggest a short soaking and the use of the cleaning stone to raise a little slurry. Add a little water again, and start. I found the feeling it delivers very pleasant, and that isn't what I normally experience with stones that coarse.
FABIAN-ALIN M. verified buyer, 25.5.2023
Overall rating
This is the best coarse stone. It is a splash&go, cuts fast, cuts well high carbon steels, harder than most stones in this grit range (except Shapton HR, HC) Overall good value for the price!
Anonymous verified buyer, 29.4.2023
Overall rating
Coarse whetstones are a category often overlooked or underestimated by the beginner who starts out with 1000 grit and dreams of the keen edge and shiny finish produced by the legendary 8000s, such as the Snowwhite or Kitayama. But once you become serious about sharpening you'll realise that you need them more often than you first thought, spend more time with them, and are well advised to have a good arsenal of these guys - who after all do all the dirty work of the business: repairing nicks and chips and broken tips, resetting a bevel or stabilising the blade of single-bevel knives. - Whether the LD-21 is the best rough stone there is I wouldn't know as there are still a lot of the bunch I haven't got round to trying out. However, it is definitely one of the more sophisticated stones in this category: super-fast, very precise, absolutely no-nonsense. This stone knows its job. A joy to work with - but very dangerous! Please make sure that you know what you're doing because there is no happy push-pulling around on this one. It has the power to ruin your knife in no time. But once you feel confident enough for going below 400, look no further because this IS great! Ten out of ten performance on every steel from CrMo to HSS. A beast. And splash&go by the way. - Follow up with a 400 like the Naniwa Pro or Imanishi WZ - and go anywhere you want to go from there.
Anonymous verified buyer, 15.2.2023
Overall rating
Lovely hard stone, that does not laod up and dish too fast. Maybe a little bit finer, than 180 but that by much. Whats not to like? May be the best coarse stone! Great stone size and price
Michael S. verified buyer, 14.8.2022
Overall rating
I guess this is one of the best buys in the very coarse range. It's not cheap but then it's quiet big and it could handle the thinning of one of my stainless clad knives. Shapton Glass 120/220 and Pro 120 couldn't. The Debado is way faster. It's splash and go but because of the coarseness it will take in quite some water. The feel on the stone is very fine for 180 grit. The size is great for thinning but for that you'll have to keep it flat from time to time. As all coarse stones it's on the softer side. But it keeps cutting and will not clogg up.
Daniel S. verified buyer, 13.7.2022
Overall rating
Fast stone. Best course stone inever used. Very abrasive. Stays quite long flat for that grit. Good buy
Milan G. verified buyer, 13.4.2022
Overall rating
This is stone I use a lot, super balanced coarse stone, not too hard, not too soft. Keep grinding. Very good price here for that stone.
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I keep coming across comments where people tell me about problems with knife sharpening. For example, getting a particular knife sharp can be difficult or even impossible. The problem is often caused by completely wrongly chosen whetstones.